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International Car Transport to Solomon Islands

Get Vehicles Shipped over to Solomon Islands with Reputable Auto Transport

International Auto Transport to Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands comprise of a wide range of islands, upwards a thousand. While the fundamental type of travel is via water, an individual vehicle will prove to be useful for those that dwell on the islands or those that have arrangements for staying there.

There are cleared streets on the Solomon Islands and it is simple for travel. Having your own vehicle will help make free travel as easy as jumping in the car. It will also prevent the obstacles that arise with using public transportation services.

Considering that the Solomon Islands are all surrounded by the Solomon Sea, there are a wide range of seaports and even a few airplane terminals. Ensure that the right port is being utilized while having a vehicle shipped to the islands. The proprietor must be available at the season of the vehicle's entry. Not all seaports are accepting of the roll on, roll off shipping methods.

Documentation Needed Prior to International Auto Transport

There is particular documentation required before the importation of a vehicle into the Solomon Islands from the United States. The vehicle proprietor will need to acquire:

  • License and passport
  • Evidence of the vehicle's cylinder capacity
  • Proof of purchase
  • A receipt of the vehicle sale
  • Title, registration and insurance verification

Contact the Embassy of Solomon Islands to ensure that all necessities are met. Otherwise, importing or exporting a vehicle won't be allowed onto the islands. The vehicle will be denied access and the transport can’t be made.

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