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International Auto Transport to Philippines

Ship a Vehicle to Philippine through Dependable International Auto Transport Services

International Auto Transport to Philippines

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Auto transport services are always a great commodity to have available, especially when an international move is in the near future. If you are in the midst of planning a move or lengthy stay in the Philippines, you may want to contact A1 Overseas International to learn more about the beneficial services and features offered to those in need of international car transport to foreign countries.

Transporting a personal vehicle to an unfamiliar country can make the situation more comfortable. The use of a private vehicle allows you to travel leisurely while avoiding the obstacles associated with the country’s public transport. Nonetheless, in order for an auto transport to be successful, the vehicle owner must begin satisfying the conditions set by Philippine Customs well before the date of transport is to be carried out.

Documents Required for Auto Shipping to the Philippines

  • Bill of Sale or Proof of Purchase
  • Title and Registration
  • Engine Number
  • Import Permit
  • Passport and License

It is necessary to have all of the required documentation. The requested forms may change depending on Customs. Some people may need to provide more proof and documentation. It all depends on the country’s latest vehicle import and export requirements and the nature of the auto transport.

The Philippines only allows left handed vehicles to be imported into the country. This is a huge obstacle for anyone who does not own such a vehicle. It is absolutely prohibited for right handed vehicles to be imported into the country. Inquire about this specific law when you are on the phone with Customs. You will also learn of other strict stipulations set by the Philippine government.

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