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International Car Transport to Pakistan

Transporting an Automobile to Pakistan with A1 Overseas International Is Reliable and Safe

International Auto Transport to Pakistan

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By allowing A1 Overseas International assist you with your plans for shipping a vehicle to Pakistan, you will find that the experience is less stressful and much smoother. Shipping an automobile to a foreign country presents many obstacles. Pakistan is one place that proves to be especially strict. The country carries many restrictions in regards to auto importation/exportation. All requirements must be fulfilled before shipping a vehicle there is possible.

3 Reasons to Contact A1 Overseas International

  • They offer FREE quotes and an abundance of options to better assist your needs for auto transport.
  • Their seasoned in international auto transport and are fully capable to provide safe and timely auto shipping services.
  • They are insightful, helpful and protective. With trained professionals and mandatory insurance coverage, they are able to provide the most reliable shipping methods.

After scheduling your shipping date, it is time to prepare for the transport. Contacting Pakistan Customs is the first thing that needs to be done. Customs will inform you of all current laws in regards to auto shipping to the country. This is critical considering the vehicle will not be able to go through with the shipping process if all regulations are not properly cared for.

Some requirements for shipping a motorized vehicle to Pakistan include specific documentation, proof of paid tariffs, proof of stay (must be 180 days), and the official approval of the authorization form. While sending a car to Pakistan may be rather tricky, it can be done and A1 Overseas International wants to help. Their experts are waiting for your call so that they can extend their FREE quote and selection of services to all of those who may be interested.

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