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International Car Transport to Nigeria

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International Auto Transport to Nigeria

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With all of the conditions found entailed in auto transport from the U.S. to Nigeria, the only way to successfully get a vehicle there is through hiring a reputable international auto transport company such as A1 Overseas International. Auto transport to Nigeria must be addressed cautiously or Customs may refuse to allow the vehicle to be sent over. It is your responsibility to assure that Nigeria Customs. import regulations are obeyed, but the shipping company will assist you through the process, making it much easier.

Nigeria Custom Regulations for Vehicle Import

First and foremost, the laws in regards to auto import and export for any country are always subject to change at any given time. This is why it is highly suggested that the vehicle owner contact the country’s Customs prior to vehicle shipping. If the conditions for the country aren’t met, the vehicle will be denied access into the country.

  • Proof of all requested documentation, including paid tariffs.
  • The vehicle cannot be older than 10 years of age.
  • The vehicle will need to be open in case of inspection.

Of course, there are other matters to be concerned with other than those stated above. However, those matters will be told to you by Customs when you call, seeing as they are ever-changing. Some of the things required by the transport company will include washing the vehicle, documenting existing damages, clearing the vehicle of any unnecessary items, inspecting tire pressure and fluids, and leaving the tank no more than ¼ full. All of these rules set by the transport company are to ensure a safe journey overseas.

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