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International Car Transport to Mexico

A1 Overseas International Makes a Smooth Auto Transport to Mexico Possible

International Auto Transport to Mexico

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Shipping a vehicle of any kind to Mexico from the U.S. is made much easier with the help of a reputable auto shipping company such as A1 Overseas International. Not only will they have the proper qualifications of a professional vehicle shipping company, but they will be knowledgeable of the stipulations set by Mexican Customs. In order for a vehicle to be shipped into Mexico, it must clear Customs. This process may take a month to fulfill so start preparing for transport as soon as possible by contacting the country’s Customs for the latest rules on auto import and export.

Documentation to Present Prior to the Shipping Process

  • Proof of Mexico residency
  • Passport
  • Vehicle’s title and registration
  • Automobile’s purchasing invoice
  • Proof of ownership
  • License
  • Proof of insurance

There will be other requirements to fulfill before Customs allows the auto to be imported. Nevertheless, Mexico is one of the more lenient countries in regards to auto transport into the country. Upon arrival to the populous country, duties and other taxes must be paid in full. The vehicle may need to undergo inspection and the vehicle will need to be registered for plate identification through the government.

Not only will the vehicle need to be readied as required by Mexico’s regulations for auto import, but it will need to be prepared as suggested by the international auto transport company as well. Transport companies always hold their customers responsible for the actual vehicle prep necessary for a safe transport. For example, it should be spotless and emptied, the gas tank should read less than ¼, all fluids should be checked, the battery and alarm have to be disconnected, and any current damages should be documented. All of these preparation requirements are designed to ensure the vehicle’s safe ship abroad.

Popular Shipping Destinations

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