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International Car Transport to Martinique

Ship Internationally and Use Your Personal Vehicle to Travel Martinique

International Auto Transport to Martinique

A1 Overseas International ships to Martinique! Call 1-800-450-5319 or fill out the form for more info and a FREE quote!

Use your own vehicle to travel Martinique after your move there. With A1 Overseas International, you can ship to the country through professional services. You can expect your vehicle to arrive safely into the country without having to worry about how you’d get the vehicle across the water to Martinique.

The auto shipping company will guide you through the entire process step by step. Their professionals have plenty of experience and training to successfully oversee any kind of international auto transport. They will even assist you in gathering all of the pertinent information needed and required by Customs. However, you should contact the Embassy of France prior to the import. This will assure that all restrictions and rules are dealt with appropriately.

The Step by Step Process of Shipping to Martinique

  • Call the embassy
  • Contact A1 Overseas International to schedule a date for export
  • Begin preparing for the vehicle shipping process by gathering proof for Customs
  • Get all inspections completed
  • Clean the vehicle and prepare it as required by the transport company
  • Document all existing damages on the vehicle by taking photos and writing them down
  • Find transportation to drop off and pick up the vehicle at the specified ports
  • Make sure that you are there to get the vehicle on the day the vehicle arrives at port

All of these steps may take some time to fulfill, but your auto transport company staff members will make sure you meet all the requirements before the vehicle is shipped off.

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