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Auto Transport to Jamaica through A1 Overseas International

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Whenever you are in need of auto transport services, contact an auto transport company with a great reputation to schedule a shipping date months in advance. They will help you get your vehicle to Jamaica without any hassle. They will hold your hand and even help you gather all of the documentation needed to be approved by Customs.

Contact the Embassy of Jamaica for information on the latest auto import policy. This policy is always changing so call ahead of time and make sure you have plenty of time to comply with their regulations. About two months prior to the vehicle’s travels abroad is enough time to fulfill all that is obligatory, in most cases.

About Auto Transport to Jamaica


Considering that the Caribbean Islands are surrounded by vast waters, there are many seaports for the vehicle to be sent to. Getting a vehicle permitted into the country is relatively easier than most other countries. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal of work that must be accomplished before the vehicle makes its way to the islands.

  • Start gathering proof required by Customs
  • Make sure the vehicle type is allowed into the country
  • Get all recommended inspections done
  • Pay all of the tariffs and duties
  • Prep the vehicle according to the auto transport company
  • Find rides to the ports or terminals entailed in your specific shipping process

The international auto transport company will assist you through the process of shipping from beginning to end. They will offer their knowledge and even lend a hand when needed.

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