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Ship Car to Georgia

Getting Your Vehicle from the US to the Country of Georgia

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Whenever you need a vehicle to make it overseas to another destination, it is highly suggested that you call a reputable international auto transport company to carry out the task. Trying to conduct international shipping would require a secure ship, the right equipment, training, and knowledge of the seaports and policies near Georgia.

Seeing as Georgia is largely bordered by the Black Sea, there are many ports for vehicles to be imported. Nevertheless, not all seaports will allow RO/Ro shipping so you must be cautious in your selection. You must also be present the day the vehicle arrives at the port. A port will not hold a vehicle for anyone.

Documentation Required for Presentation to Customs


Before you start collecting the documentation listed below, you must know that auto import policies are subject to change. Therefore, contacting the Embassy of Georgia is highly recommended. They will keep you current.

  • License and Passport
  • Proof of Paid Duties
  • Bill of Sale
  • Original Title and Registration
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Information from the Lien Holder (if necessary)
  • Statement Proving Engine Capacity

Other proof and information may be requested as well. For instance, you may need to provide proof of inspections or other forms of paperwork.

When everything necessary is gathered, the vehicle will be ready for transport. At this time, the vehicle must have also been prepared as suggested by Customs.

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