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International Car Transport to Denmark

Ship Your Vehicle to Denmark Safely

International Auto Transport to Denmark

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There are two main forms of transport for international vehicle shipping users. These are both cost efficient and offer security during the shipping process. One requires an empty vehicle and the other allows you to pack the vehicle with possessions allowed by Denmark Customs.

Offered Shipping Services


  • RO/RO shipping will require an empty vehicle so it can be fastened to the top of a flatbed ship. This is the most popular and cheaper of the two methods.
  • Enclosed shipping is when the vehicle is placed inside a large shipping container. The vehicle will be allowed to have possessions inside. The empty container space can also harbor belongings. These possessions must be approved through Customs too.
  • Air shipping is a third option, but it isn’t offered by many international auto shipping companies due to its much higher costs. Not a lot of people can afford this shipping method.

The Embassy of Denmark should be contacted before shipping is allowed and the vehicle can be imported. You will have to comply with strict stipulations. These will take a few months to fulfill. A1 Overseas International will help you to prepare for international auto transport and approved by Customs.

Some of the preparation includes applying for registration, getting a technical inspection and Customs inspection done, registering with SKAT, and providing proof that all duties were paid. Other documents will be required as proof of the country’s regulations being met. All of this is more time consuming than anything else. With professional help, it’s made so much easier. They have knowledge of how international shipping works and understand the process of preparing for an auto transport overseas.

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