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International Car Transport to China

Information on International Auto Transport to China

International Auto Transport to China

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Trying to find a reliable vehicle shipping company to ship internationally to the most populous country in the world, China may seem like a rather time consuming task. However, A1 Overseas International offers reasonable rates to those in need of international auto transport services. It isn’t that difficult to find a great company that you can entrust with your vehicle shipping. As long as they maintain a positive reputation and have all of the qualifications necessary, they are likely to be safe and professional.

As the second largest automotive market, China is much familiarized with the import and export of vehicles. They also strongly promote the development of clean and fuel efficient vehicles. Through a professional auto shipping company seasoned in international shipping, you can ease the stress of Custom regulations. Any auto transport company with experience in international shipping will be capable of helping you prepare accordingly for the vehicle’s transport overseas.

Ways to Prepare for an International Transport


Aside from gathering all necessary documentation and paying all fees and tariffs for China’s Customs stipulations, the vehicle being shipped overseas will need to be properly prepared before the date it is scheduled to leave. This is extremely important as some of these requests by the transport company are due to the Custom regulations. If the vehicle isn’t prepared as asked, the transport may be denied

  • Empty the fuel tank completely
  • Check tire pressure
  • Document or take pictures of all existing damages for personal use
  • Wash the vehicle and completely rid of anything inside- only leave floor mats, car jack and spare tire

Depending on the shipping services you purchased and the type of vehicle being transported, you may be responsible for a little more preparation. You may be asked to disconnect the battery and alarm, or to remove certain features from the vehicle.

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