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International Car Transport to Canada

Auto Transport to Canada is Simple with A1 Overseas International’s Help

International Auto Transport to Canada

A1 Overseas International offers FREE quotes and more information on auto shipping to Canada by calling 1-800-450-5319 or filling out the form!

The process of vehicle shipping to Canada is simplified when you hire A1 Overseas International. Not only will you save yourself from unnecessary stress and money spent, but you will protect the vehicle’s integrity and prevent it from accruing extra mileage. Importing a vehicle into any country will present its challenges, which is why it is important that you contact Canadian Customs well before the date set for transport to begin.

What Must Be Done Prior to Vehicle Transport to Canada

Customs changes its regulations all of the time so it is safe to assume that you are best off calling Customs a couple months before international auto transport. However, there are certain rules that seem to stick regardless of any changes.

  • Find out what the Registrar of Imported/exported Vehicles (RIV) requires.
  • Understand what your commitments are in order for the vehicle to go through the border legally. Contact Customs, RIV and the CBSA for current policies.
  • Complete the RIV inspection immediately and see about having your vehicle licensed in Canada

Other than making sure that you comply with Canada’s import rules for vehicles, you must prepare your vehicle according to A1 Overseas International’s standards. This may include removing everything from the vehicle other than floor mats, a car jack and the spare tire. It also includes checking the fluids and assuring the fuel tank is no more than ¼ full. Alarms will need to be disabled and in some cases, the battery.

Shipping companies always suggest that the vehicle owner inspect the automobile before it is sent for transport. This includes writing down and snapping pictures of any preexisting harm. This will help with the final inspection after the vehicle arrives in Canada.

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