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International Car Transport to Argentina

Auto Transport to Argentina through A1 Overseas International Made Easy

International Auto Transport to Argentina

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There are many reasons to have your own personal vehicle imported to Argentina when you have plans to live there forever or to reside there for a long period of time. With all of the options made available to you for international auto transport services, going through A1 Overseas International will prove to be a beneficial decision. They will oversee your vehicle’s transport to Argentina with the utmost caution and care.

Consider all of the services and features offered and carefully plan your vehicle's shipping. Contact Argentina Customs immediately to get all of the most up to date information on what is entailed in vehicle transport. It may take a couple months to prepare for the transport.

The Difference between RO/RO and Container Transports

There are two main forms of transport available to those looking to export a vehicle to a foreign country. Technically there are three forms of transport, but one of them is too expensive for most to even consider.

  • Air Transport
  • Container Transport
  • RO/RO Transport

Air shipping is the method of vehicle transport that tends to be too costly for most. While it is a much timelier process, its high costs are usually too much for anyone’s pocketbook to bear.

RO/RO transport is the most cost effective method. It requires the vehicle to drive on the ship as well as off of the ship. It will be secured to the flatbed of the ship during its journey and be exposed to all weather conditions along the way. However, damages are rarely ever a concern and the shipping companies insurance coverage will cover any harm done should any occur.

Container shipping is favorable to those who are moving to Argentina with another. The cost for container shipping can be split between two people and the vehicle as well as the container can be filled with possessions. Of course, all of the possessions must be permissible through Customs.

Popular Shipping Destinations

Buenos Aires




San Miguel de Tucumán

La Plata

Mar del Plata


Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz

And more…

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