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International Car Transport to South Korea

Hire an International Auto Transport Provider to Get Your Vehicle from the US to South Korea

International Auto Transport to South Korea

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Claiming that international auto transport services from the U.S. to foreign lands are easy would be a dishonest statement. Every country has its own set of rules and stipulations that must be addressed before a vehicle is even allowed to be shipped over. For those trying to transport a vehicle to South Korea, the proper documentation will need to be given to Customs as well as proof for anything else they may request. It is wise to personally contact South Korea Customs for the latest import requirements a month before the scheduled transport. This should allow enough time to fulfill your obligations.

About the International Auto Shipping Process

Most vehicle shipping methods to other countries are conducted by ship. These ships provide plenty of space for automobiles and cargo containers. They are very efficient for overseas shipping. The overall shipping process will begin when the automobile is dropped off at the proper U.S. port specified by A1 Overseas International. However, many clients will opt for door to door services which require the transport company to retrieve the vehicle for drop off at the port for overseas travel.

South Korea Customs will have to approve the vehicle’s transport before the automobile can even be shipped. This is why many auto shipping companies suggest contacting Customs immediately. Not only will customers need to please South Korea’s government laws on auto import and export, but they will need to fulfill the required tasks as asked by the transport company.

Transport Company Preparation Requirements

  • Clean the vehicle inside and out, removing all debris and items
  • Document all existing scratches, dents, paint chips, rust spots, and other forms of noticeable damage for quality assurance purposes after transport
  • Check all fluids and tire pressure
  • Disconnect the alarm system and battery if asked
  • Make sure the fuel tank is only ¼ or less full
  • Have keys prepared to hand over to the transport company

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