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Ship Car to Uzbekistan

Hire Professional Overseas Auto Transport Services for International Shipping to Uzbekistan


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Preparing for an extended stay in another country is nerve wracking and exhilarating all at once. You will be faced with new adventure, opportunity, new traditions, and much more. Of course, before you say goodbye to America and head to Uzbekistan, you must have everything all set and ready within the time restriction specified. Not only does this include anything that needed to be done for you to personally get into the country, but for all other matters that might need to be addressed too.

For those planning to stay in Uzbekistan for a while, deeply consider shipping over a vehicle. It is much easier to travel another country in a personal vehicle than to be a foreigner using public transit. Without speaking the language or understanding the currency exchange, getting around your new surroundings can be extremely confusing and difficult. It is always wise to take advantage of shipping services offered by a reliable auto transport company such as A1 Overseas International.

Our Auto’s Shipping Process

The shipping process cannot begin unless all of the requirements set by Customs were met. Some of the standard criteria include presenting authorities with all of the appropriate documents, registering as an importer, and meeting all other strict requirements. All tariffs and fees will also need to be paid in full. Bring the receipt or paid invoice with you to Customs.

When everything is finally in order and your car’s shipping day arrives, you will see that professional carefully secure the vehicle to the right method of transport. For example, if you decided to go with the RO/ RO transport service, the vehicle will be driven onto the level surface of the boat and fastened for its travels. There are three main shipping methods to choose from, with one being too expensive for most.

  • Crated Shipping
  • RO/RO Shipping
  • Air Shipping

As the vehicle crosses the ocean, the shipping experts will pay attention to weather reports and be mindful of other matters that may become detrimental to the timely arrival of the vehicle or even to its condition. As the shipping process comes to an end, the owner or responsible party will need to be present at the correct port to pick the car up. Ports will not hold any vehicles.

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