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International Car Transport to South Africa

Hire International Auto Transport Professionals to Successfully Ship an Automobile to South Africa

International Auto Transport to South Africa

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Moving to South Africa from the United States is bound to be an adventure worth living. However, when proper transportation is an issue, your ability to explore the country may become complicated. Using public transit is hard for anyone not familiar with it, making it a smart decision for U.S. citizens residing in the African plains to have their own personal vehicle transported over with them. A1 Overseas International has successfully shipped many vehicles to South Africa despite the strict stipulations and requirements involved.

South Africa Customs auto transport rules are a little more lenient in comparison to the regulations set throughout the other parts of the country. There is one major stipulation though. Used vehicles are not permitted to be imported unless they are considered classic or vintage, reaching over 25 years of age. South Africa has a very distinctive and reputable auto industry which protects its value through the restrictions set by Customs.

Tips for International Transport

  • Contact the country’s Customs at least one before the scheduled shipping date
  • Create a checklist of all that must be done in preparation for the vehicle shipping process
  • Assure that the vehicle is prepared adequately enough to be exported and that you chose the appropriate shipping services and features
  • Only hire reputable and qualified professionals such as A1 Overseas International to oversee the transport of your automobile to South Africa

The key to a smooth shipping process has a lot to do with the owner of the vehicle. By staying organized and accomplishing all mandatory conditions set by Customs and the auto shipping company, the vehicle will be securely shipped as desired.

Popular Shipping Destinations

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Port Elizabeth





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