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International Car Transport to Panama

Auto Transport to Panama Is Easier with the Professionals at A1 Overseas International

International Auto Transport to Panama

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When you need a vehicle shipped to another country such as Panama, it is easiest to do so with the assistance of professional auto transport services specializing in international shipping. They will make sure that the process of shipping goes along smoothly so that there are no qualms about getting into the country’s borders. They even help you gather documents to present to Customs.

Steps to Getting an Automobile Shipped into Panama Lawfully

  • Contact the Embassy of Panama months before the desired transport date for the most up to date information on their auto import and export policies.
  • Schedule your transport with a professional, reputable auto shipping company. Choose services that will benefit your shipping process and allow you to feel comfortable with your vehicle’s future travels.
  • Start preparing the required documents and proof that must be presented to Customs.
  • Get all required inspections completed.
  • Start preparing the vehicle as recommended by the international auto transport/international car transport company. This may include cleaning the vehicle inside and out, taking pictures of preexisting damage, checking the fluids and tire pressure, and assuring the fuel tank is less than ¼ full.
  • Get approval from Customs within the time frame given. The professionals you hired should help you with this process.
  • Bring the vehicle to the port for its shipping process to begin on the date scheduled.

When the vehicle arrives at the Panama port stated by the transport company, you must be there to retrieve it. The port will not hold a vehicle for its owner. If another person is retrieving the vehicle, make sure the transport company is aware because they will also be required to have certain documents in order for the vehicle to be released to them.

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