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The Benefits of Using Professional International Auto Transport Services to Ship a Vehicle to Japan


The Benefits of Using Professional International Auto Transport Services to Ship a Vehicle to Japan

A lot of people moving to Japan from the U.S. or that may be going there to stay for an extended time period, use international transport services to get a vehicle shipped over. Having your own vehicle in Japan will only prove to be invaluable. It will allow you to get wherever you need to without any hesitation or interference. While Japan provides wonderful public transport options to residents, it can be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with the currency or capable of understanding the language.

Unlike many countries, Japan has different stipulations for auto transports. This varies between the temporary import and permanent import of a vehicle. Anyone planning on importing a vehicle for over a year will need to import it permanently. In this case, temporary import is easier than permanent. Permanent auto import will require more paperwork and preparation from the vehicle owner. Japan Customs will be capable of providing you with the necessary requirements and information as A1 Overseas International also provides their assistance.

Explanation of Shipping Methods

Nearly all automobiles are transported from the U.S. to Japan or other overseas country by ship. Air shipping is also an option, but tends to be too costly for anyone to take advantage of. Ultimately, the choice is yours and it is best to choose the shipping method you feel the most comfortable with.

  • RO/RO shipping consists of rolling the empty vehicle onto the flatbed of a ship and rolling it off when it arrives at the proper Japan sea port. The vehicle will be exposed to all elements during its travels abroad, but in most cases it remains unharmed. This method is highly preferred and cost effective.
  • Container shipping is unique. Two people can split a container and the costs associated with it if they are both in need of shipping services. The vehicle can be filled with items allowed by Japan Customs and will be kept safely inside of a container while it makes its way through the shipping process.
  • Air shipping is a very efficient way to ship a vehicle if it can be afforded. However, this method is rarely used due to its high expense, especially when combined with the fees and taxes due to Japan Customs for auto import.

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