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International Car Transport to Italy

Auto Shipping to Italy is Securely Provided by A1 Overseas International

International Auto Transport to Italy

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Fortunately, shipping a vehicle to Europe is a less complicated process for anyone who hired A1 Overseas International for secure vehicle shipping services. If you are moving to Italy and want your vehicle to be exported over as well, contact A1 Overseas International to ask questions, receive a quote, and set a date for the transport to begin. Allow at least one month’s time between the day you set the date and the actual date the auto is set to ship off.

In order to have an automobile shipped from the United States to Italy, all mandatory terms as set by Italy Customs must be fulfilled in time. This may require some effort, but will be easier with a reputable international auto shipping companies assistance. Perhaps the most difficult part of the preparation is saving enough money to pay the duties and tariffs, as well as gathering all of the proper documentation requested.

Shipping Services Offered for International Auto Transport to Italy

  • RO/RO Transport
  • Real-Time Satellite Tracking
  • Container Transport
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Door to Door
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Insurance Coverage

The list above includes a few of the common features and services that can be found offered by international auto transport businesses. All of these come at different costs and are only available to suitable circumstances. For instance, not all vehicle types can be imported to Italy through container shipping and not all ports in Italy accept RO/RO shipping.

Contact Italy Customs and A1 Overseas International to get more information before you begin setting a date for your vehicle’s transport. You will certainly be pleased and ready to set a date when you hear your low, absolutely free quote for international auto transport services. 

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