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International Car Transport to Guinea

Importing a Private Vehicle into Guinea with Professional Shipping Solutions

International Auto Transport to Guinea

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If having a personal vehicle is essential to your survival in Guinea, A1 Overseas International, an International auto transport organization, offers reliable transportation at unbeatable rates. Having your own car available eliminates the need for public transportation which can save you a lot of money. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to utilize your time more efficiently.

Services offered by A1 Overseas International make it possible for you to familiarize yourself with the Guinea landscape in the most convenient way possible. Vehicles that meet the shipping requirements can only be released by customs as long as the owner can provide the proper paperwork. A representative of the shipping company will let you know what documents Guinea customs officials require.

Typically, you will need to present a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, title and registration, and your passport. Customs regulations have been known to change periodically which is why A1 Overseas International makes sure to stay updated on any changes that might occur. Keep all of your paperwork and any documentation on the details of your vehicle in a secure location until your vehicle is in your possession.

Different Types of Transportation

  • Roll on Roll off- This type of shipping is the least expensive way to export a vehicle. Once the car has been inspected, it will be driven onto the deck of the ship and secured for the duration of the trip. All vehicles must be drivable and meet the requirements Guinea customs have in place. Additional fees may apply to certain vehicles.
  • Container Shipping- This is a more expensive type of overseas transportation because it allows shippers to transport other household goods with their car. Overseas auto shipping services recommend that valuable vehicles be transported inside of a container. To ensure that your vehicle stays dry during the voyage, you will want to purchase this option.

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