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International Car Transport to Egypt

International Auto Transport Services Provided for US Customers with the Desire to Ship their Vehicle to Egypt

 International Auto Transport to Egypt

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In order to transport your automobile to Egypt, you will need professional international auto shipping companies and the ability to accomplish all of Customs’ requirements for a legal auto import into the country. After booking a transport date with A1 Overseas International, contact Egypt Customs for a list of requirements and restrictions.

Fortunately, the stipulations for auto import and export in Egypt aren’t nearly as strict as other countries. There are also many different ports, making it easy to find one nearest to your location. Perhaps the most difficult obligation to fulfill for an auto transport from the U.S. to Egypt would be paying off the fees and taxes associated with auto import. These costs can easily climb higher than the vehicle’s actual value.

International auto transport services are usually suggested to any U.S. citizen moving or planning an extended stay in another country. Having a private vehicle shipped/auto shipped is always more favorable than taking public transit in an unfamiliar country and it allows for free travel. It is also much harder and sometimes even impossible for previous U.S. citizens to be considered for loans in a country in which they aren’t native to.

Three Things International Auto Transport Automatically Provide Their Customers With

  • Insurance coverage while the vehicle is in their care for the overseas shipping process. This added protection gives an extra sense of comfort to customers.
  • A variety of shipping methods, services and features to help each customer customize their shipping process to suit their needs better.
  • A proven success rate for international transports and the ability to guarantee a safe transport.

Popular Shipping Destinations




Shubra El-Kheima

Port Said


El-Mahalla El-Kubra



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