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International Car Transport to Chile

Traveling Chile in the Comfort of Your Personal Vehicle: Hire an Auto Transport Company

International Auto Transport to Chile

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Getting the most out of your stay in Chile is only possible when you have your personal vehicle. A1 Overseas International is a reputable overseas automobile shipping company which provides international auto transport that uses a couple of different methods to do so. Based on where you are traveling and the type of vehicle you are transporting, the cost of vehicle shipping to Chile could be drastically different than what someone else is paying.

Destination Ports in Chile

  • Puente Alto
  • Santiago
  • Antofagasta

Providing customs with the proper paperwork is the most arduous part of the shipping process for the shipper. A1 Overseas International will keep you up to date on the most current changes when it comes to rules and regulations for importing a vehicle. The only other person allowed to relieve your vehicle from the customs possession would be a cosigner of your choosing.

If you or the cosigner will not be able to meet at the destination port on the scheduled day of delivery, your vehicle will be contained in a temporary storage unit which will add to the total shipping cost. To cut down on the cost of shipping, consider purchasing the roll on roll off method of transportation. This is the least expensive shipping option to choose from.

Container shipping is another option A1 Overseas International has available and is usually how people prefer to export their vehicles. Investing in a container is a wise choice because it allows you to transport other household goods and provides four walls of security for your cargo. Container shipping is more expensive than the roll on roll off method, but it definitely pays for itself.

Popular Shipping Destinations

Puente Alto


La Florida

Viña del Mar



Las Condes

San Bernardo


And more…

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