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International Car Transport to Belarus

Importing a Personal Vehicle to Belarus with International Auto Transport Services

International Auto Transport to Belarus

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Being inside the comfort of your own vehicle will make exploring Belarus will be a much better experience than if you were to rely on public transportation. The professionals at A1 Overseas International understand how important it for travelers to make the most out of their time so they have made it possible for people to take advantage of safe and reliable shipping solutions.

Shippers will need to bring the right paperwork in order to have their vehicles released by customs agents in Belarus. To prevent damages while in transit, A1 Overseas International has guidelines that shippers must follow in order to prevent a mishap. Shippers should document even the most minor imperfections on their vehicle with photo and video to cross reference with after the vehicle has been imported.

Documents Required by Customs

  • Original Title
  • Bill of Lading
  • Passport and Visa
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Driver’s License

Customs agents in Belarus and A1 Overseas International both work together in order to give the shipper a pleasant experience, but in the event that the shipper does not take the necessary precautions prior to shipping, the shipping professionals or shipping company will not be held responsible for damages. Depending on the method of transportation, you might be obligated to fulfil more tasks than other shippers. Automobiles exported on the deck of the ship will need to make sure that any leaks are repaired.

When it comes to auto shipping options, shippers can purchase the roll on roll off method or container shipping. The roll on roll off method is less expensive than container shipping, but it will be exposed to weather conditions. Container shipping allows shippers to transport household goods with their vehicles and adds an extra layer of protection against weather conditions and theft.

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